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Ever wonder how we got our Christmas traditions.  A lot of the things we do, we do because, well, it's the thing to do.  But why do we do Christmas? 

Do you have to be religious to celebrate Christmas?  Some say that Christmas has pagan origins?  Why do we have Christmas decorations like holly or mistletoe?  Why do we buy Christmas gifts?  Is it all just a nice way to celebrate the end of a year or is there more to Christmas than hampers, ham and holidays?   

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We invite you to take some time out from all the business of the Christmas season to explore what it's all about.  Is Christmas just the "silly season" where everyone rushes around trying to create one perfect, magical, family day as part of what can become an insane dash to the finish line of another year?  Is there more to Christmas than cake, Santa, presents, holidays, decorations and parties? And is Christmas a Christian, secular or pagan season?   If you've ever asked these or similar questions, we hope you will find some answers as you check out the Digital Christmas website.  We also hope and pray you will have a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year, however you celebrate it.

We've come a long way since people first scratched marks on stone walls.  We have passed the parchment era and that of the printing press.  We are now fully into the digital age.  Imagine how Mary and Joseph may have communicated if they were both alive today.

Should Santa be worried that you've come to this site.  Not everyone is a Santa fan but how can you not like the guy.  He's jolly, colourful, cheerful, happy to meet you... he's also overweight, only seems to come out to promote sales and some have even said that he is the devil because SANTA also spells the word, Satan. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Many people have heard about kissing under the mistletoe.  Is it possible that one of the most traditional Christmas decorations, mistletoe, was used in pagan fertility rituals before it got caught up as a Christmas decoration.  If that's true, should we use it to celebrate Christmas.   If you're curious then..... CLICK HERE FOR MORE 

Are you NAUGHTY or NICE?  Ah, it doesn't really matter does it?  Someone is still bound to give you a Christmas present or  two.  But what if there was a standard for getting into heaven...  would you be good enough to make it?  For a serious look at this question, visit our Naughty or Nice page. 

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